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Lease a New Genesis Sedan or SUV in Stamford

At Genesis of Stamford, we have the latest vehicle offerings which allow you to find the right option among our luxurious lineup of vehicles. Of course, when seeking out a new vehicle, you want to know your financing options and for those who choose to lease, we have you covered. You can explore all the ways to lease a new Genesis here at our Stamford area dealership serving those the likes of Norwalk, Greenwich, Westport, Larchmont and Rye.

Explore the Current Lease Offers on New Genesis Vehicles

You can take a closer look at the different offers available for lease and find a plan that is suitable to you. The incentives are available on a number of different vehicles. This includes the Genesis G70 sedan along with the G80 and G90 to give you a collection of luxury cars to choose from where you will find not only exterior and interior appeal aesthetically, but also performance and technology which places Genesis at the top of the luxury brand driving experiences. Additionally, there are our new Genesis luxury SUVs, too. That is a lineup that includes both the Genesis GV70 and the Genesis GV80, both of which have ample space, along with the performance and abundance of modern features, gives you a satisfying luxury SUV experience.

The lease offers are always changing based on the time of year, and with them, you're going to be able to find any one of the new Genesis cars or SUVs available at terms and rates that are sensible and enticing. We're confident that these incentives from the manufacturer along with the lease offers that also come from our dealership are enough to give you every opportunity to get behind the wheel of a new Genesis and enjoy luxury car driving throughout Stamford.

Why Lease a New Genesis?

Not only are you able to find standout lease offers on quality vehicles, leasing has plenty of benefits as well. When you lease, you're only paying a percentage of the vehicle's cost over a set amount of time, which is generally 24 to 36 months. The leasing terms are usually more flexible and can give you the chance to get behind the wheel of a vehicle at a solid rate, and for less in some cases than a purchase. Also, once your lease terms are nearing completion, you're able to able to choose between a few options. The first is you can decide to enter a new lease of a brand new model year Genesis vehicle, meaning you get the chance to always drive the latest new offerings from our dealership. Another choice is that you can purchase your leased vehicle at its remaining residual value, which lets you keep driving the ride you already like, but with an auto loan so you get on the path to ownership. You can also return and go in a different direction should you choose.

With these options, you can see why leasing a luxury new Genesis is a popular idea here at Genesis of Stamford.

Learn More About Leasing a New Genesis Today

If you're ready to begin, contact us at the dealership. We'd be happy to highlight all the different features and provide you with the details you need on new Genesis vehicles and how a lease is going to benefit you!

View Our Current Finance Incentives on New Genesis Cars in Stamford

Providing the ideal showroom experience from start to finish is the goal here at Genesis of Stamford. We provide luxury vehicles that give you the opportunity to experience an innovative luxury ride that leads the way in innovation, technology, performance and more. When you've reached a decision on which one of our stellar models you'd like to drive, the financing stage finalizes this process and within that process, our dealership can offer many different incentives which help you find the vehicle you want, while also finding opportunities to save, as well.

These incentives range and vary as there is always a different selection based on dealership offerings, or manufacturer offerings. What each one can do is to give you potential savings when you buy or lease your new Genesis car, and with our team of specialists working with you, you'll certainly be aware of them all and can learn about each one and how it fits into your plan for purchase of one of our vehicles.

You can browse through the incentives while also figuring out which Genesis is right for you.

Genesis G70 Lease and Purchase Offers

You can find different incentives to lease a Genesis G70 or purchase one. With the G70 you're getting a compact luxury vehicle that offers a host of standout amenities which includes a powerful 252-horsepower turbocharged engine standard that attains 30 miles per gallon on the highway, while there's also a 365-horsepower V6. In addition, you'll find many quality technology and safety amenities, which has earned the Genesis G70 countless awards and high praise, making it an appealing option to lease using our incentives at our dealership.

Genesis G80 Lease and Purchase Offers

If you're seeking out a mid-size luxury sedan, the Genesis G80 offers many different lease incentives available. With the G80 you get loads of interior space along with the dynamic technology and safety features that Genesis provides. There's also power in the form of a standard 3.8-liter V6 with 311 horsepower with an option for a 3.3-liter, 365-horsepower and 5.0-liter V8 with 420-horsepower. All these options are available for lease in our Stamford showroom serving Norwalk and Greenwich and will provide you with incentive to get behind the wheel.

Genesis G90 Lease and Purchase Offers

You can lease a new Genesis G90, which is the highest level of luxury available in our showroom. It boasts the most space for you and your passengers, including a rear console and rear-seat entertainment available. Plus, it comes with a 3.3-liter twin-turbocharged engine along with a 420-horsepower V8 to power the vehicle, giving it more oomph than other models in its class.

Can I Negotiate a New Genesis Lease?

Yes, you can negotiate your lease in a variety of ways. We're able to negotiate what you might owe on your initial payment, as well as discuss any finance offers and incentives that are available to you. We make sure to show drivers many different quotes on all our models so you can get a better idea of what the monthly price range and fees for a new leased Genesis might be. We're confident that we can come to an agreement and that you'll see we're able to provide you with competitive leasing arrangements so you can get behind the wheel of one of a new Genesis in a smooth and transparent process.

How Much Does Genesis Charge for Extra Miles on a Lease?

If you currently are driving a leased Genesis vehicle and want to know what costs you might incur if you go over the agreed mileage, contact us directly and we'll let you know as it varies between models, and model years. Generally, it is less than one dollar per mile, and on average is about 25 cents per mile.

If you're wanting to add miles to your new lease, simply ask us and we can negotiate that into the lease agreement and let you know of any extended mileage programs that are currently being offered by our dealership.

Is It Better to Buy or Lease a New Genesis?

If you're seeking low monthly payments on a new vehicle and want the added flexibility of picking annual terms that are agreeable for you, leasing is a standout way to get both. We're here to help you find the right payment and terms for your lease so you can experience a brand new Genesis and enjoy many quality driving experiences in your future.

Contact Us to Learn About Genesis Lease Incentives and Offers Today

As we said, this collection is changing based on many factors, be it current supply, time of year, or events that our dealership is holding. That's why we encourage you to check these incentives and inquire about them regularly so you can place yourself behind the wheel of one of the Genesis models we have here, while also knowing you've taken advantage of the timing of many of these incentives to lease or buy a new Genesis here in our showroom serving Stamford, Norwalk, Greenwich CT, Westport, Rye NY and Larchmont NY.

When you drive a Genesis vehicle you'll understand the appeal goes far beyond its eye-catching exterior, and provides you with the luxury lifestyle and dynamic driving experience you've always wanted. Our team is always willing to discuss current incentives and inventory available here at Genesis of Stamford, to be sure to contact us and we can get started on that conversation with you about all the incentives we offer here soon.

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