When you drive a luxury vehicle, there's an added layer of confidence. You know that its looks, performance, pedigree and features all operate to give you the highest levels of enjoyment. There are brands steeped in tradition, and those that look to stake their claim as one of the top luxury innovators around, and in the case of the latter, you'll find it here at Genesis of Stamford. The new Genesis lineup offers premium vehicles that give you a modern take, while providing something different that stands out, and often betters its traditional competition. It's all available for you to explore here in our showroom, as you can find which luxury car brand is for you.

Genesis Vehicles Provide High Levels of Luxury Across the Board

You will find multiple standout options from Genesis. First, is the Genesis G80, which offers ample power through a 3.8-liter GDI V6 engine with 311-horsepower, along with a twin-turbocharged 3.3-liter V6 with 365 horsepower (the standard option on the Genesis G80 Sport) and a 420-horsepower GDI V8 option which means you'll have the ability to find the performance you want from the vehicle, in addition to enjoying its standout premium amenities onboard. That includes premium finishes onboard with diverse leather options, along with spaciousness to drive in comfort while having plenty of standout thrills.

The Genesis G90 is a larger, more powerful option with the 3.3-liter turbocharged engine standard, and the 420-horsepower GDI V8 available as well, giving you even more as the flagship of the luxury sedan lineup, meaning you'll find the highest form of luxury thanks to features like a 12.3-inch HD display, and a 17-speaker Lexicon® Premium Sound System, Qi wireless smartphone charging, and more.

Across the board from all new Genesis vehicles, you'll be able to find available HTRAC all-wheel drive options, plus a hands-free smart trunk, rearview camera, head-up display, blind spot warning, lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control, forward collision assist, driver memory system, noise dampening technology, pedestrian detection, driver attention alert and more for confidence as you drive with these safety features. There's also standard Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™ onboard to give you seamless integration with your smartphone and access to a plethora of apps and features.

All this, plus stunning interior looks and design, plus a 10-year/100,000-mile Powertrain Limited Warranty are what have made Genesis such an attractive luxury option in a quick amount of time, and you have the chance to see why here in our showroom.

Genesis Versus The Competition

Any driver going through the car buying process wants to be aware of all their options, and at Genesis of Stamford, we certainly understand that because you want to find the best luxury car brand for you and do your research to determine which one that is. We are here to help you further understand all there is to offer on the Genesis lineup, but also to show you how it compares favorably against many leading luxury brands such as Acura, Audi, BMW, Infiniti, and Lexus. You will find that our vehicles stand out against rivals in a variety of ways, and knowing benefits you in your decision-making process.

Genesis vs. Acura

When you look at the Genesis G80 and G90, you will find that they are similar in build and style to the likes of the Acura TLX and RLX, respectively.

With the Genesis G80 compared to the Acura TLX, you're going to find more standard horsepower with a bigger engine block, along with having lower fuel costs as the G80 uses regular unleaded while the TLX uses premium gasoline. Also, to give you a sporty feel, the Genesis G80 is available in rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive while the TLX only offers front-wheel and all-wheel drive. The G80 also provides better warranty coverage, and more interior space with a longer wheelbase, plus quality safety features, and standard Android Auto™ and Apple CarPlay™.

For the Genesis G90 versus the Acura RLX, there's more power thanks to a 365-horsepower turbocharged V6 that does better than the RLX's 310 horsepower, plus there's a 420-horsepower V8 option, and better warranty coverage onboard. You're also going to find a standard second row side airbag as a safety feature not found on the RLX, and standard features like memory adjustable mirrors, steering column and front seat, plus a rear power sunshade and more, along with more passenger volume thanks to the G90 being nearly a foot longer than the RLX.


Genesis vs. Audi

There are two Audi vehicles that are like the Genesis luxury sedans in our showroom. The G80 compares to the Audi A6, while the G90 is in the same segment as the Audi A8. With Genesis, you're going to find unique features that help both stand out in different ways, showing you how the Genesis brand betters Audi.

Against the Audi A6, the Genesis G80 is able to provide more standard horsepower across the board, starting with its standard 311-horsepower option, along with a turbocharged V6 and a V8 option while the A6 only provides a 252-horsepower four-cylinder. There's also more fuel savings thanks to the G80 using regular unleaded over premium, which is required on the A6. The G80 also offers a standard navigation system, second-row side airbag, better warranty coverage, a longer wheelbase, and a lower starting price than the Audi A6, giving it make advantages in its favor.

As for the Genesis G90 versus the Audi A8, you will also find more standard horsepower and options on the G90 that best the A8, plus there's rear- and all-wheel drive options, so for those who want the ability to be as sporty as possible, the Genesis G90 has you covered. You're also going to find standout warranty coverage, more space and a lower starting price with the G90 as you get many of the same, if not more features that allow for connectivity and more on the go.


Genesis vs. BMW

The BMW brand has two sedan types that the Genesis lineup compares with: the BMW 5 Series and the G80, and the BMW 7 Series and the G90. Once again, you can see how the Genesis lineup of sedans is able to show you that it's the best luxury option for you.

The G80 betters the BMW 5 Series in terms of standard horsepower and engine options, fuel savings by taking unleaded over premium gasoline, safety with a second-row side airbag, and a 9.2-inch touch display with available wireless charging and a host of other safety features.

The same can be said for the G90 against the BMW 7 Series as it has more power, safety, plus a bigger display and sound system available, along with a better warranty and lower starting price of nearly $20,000 less than top level 7 Series models all while getting similar, or more features.


Genesis vs. Infiniti

Taking the Genesis G80 and putting it up against a vehicle like the Infiniti Q60, you're going to find that once more, the G80 offers you more power by over 100 horsepower standard, plus provides V8 engine options, has a standalone navigation system standard, provides features like memory adjustable mirrors and steering wheels, along with more legroom, headroom, shoulder room and cargo room than the Q60.

The Genesis G90 up against the Q70L offers a smoother ride on an eight-speed transmission, a 12.3-inch display, standard second-row airbag, along with a whole suite of safety features, leather seating with power lumbar support, and more room for you and your passengers for space and cargo over the Q70L along with a better warranty and power.


Genesis vs. Lexus

When you see the Lexus GS against the Genesis G80, there's ways that the G80 compares better, which includes more standard power with a bigger engine unit and more options with V6 and V8, plus unleaded gasoline intake for overall fuel savings, quality safety available or standard, more legroom and cargo room, and standout warranty coverage.

The Genesis G90 versus the Lexus LS will showcase that the G90 offers better overall city fuel economy, larger wheels, and greater turning power than the LS, plus uses a 12.3-inch display for entertainment, is backed by a standout warranty, has more legroom in the front and back with more overall space, plus the G90 starts at a lower price than the Lexus LS.