When you drive a luxury vehicle like a new Genesis, you know that it means you are getting a standout experience behind the wheel. Of course, to keep it that way you should make regular visits to our service center. For those in Stamford and the surrounding area, we offer a wide range of services and one that is very important is oil changes, which should be done routinely, as you'll see the benefits.

When you change your oil regularly, it helps keep everything running in order. It ensures that the engine has clean oil accessing it and helps make sure there's not build up accumulating which can lead to vehicle issues. You could have impacted performance, less efficiency and many other issues in your vehicle if you don't change your oil when needed, and that can mean repairs that are a bit more costly or serious in nature.

We are here to make sure you not only get the right oil change but have the right engine oil, and we can suggest which type of oil you need, plus when you should change your oil based on your driving frequency. Generally speaking, having your oil changed every 3,000 to 6,000 miles is your best bet. An oil change is one of the services that you can schedule easily, it doesn't take much time and is very helpful to your vehicle's condition and long-term driving health.

To begin, contact us here at Genesis of Stamford to make an appointment. For all those in areas like Norwalk, Greenwich, Westport, Larchmont and Rye, we're happy to assist you and discuss the many different vehicle options you have today!

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