Exploring new ways to experience vehicles before you have the hands-on experience here in our showroom gives you plenty of power and a way to discover what a brand like Genesis is all about. That's what you can do with the Genesis Virtual Showroom, launched recently to give you a 3D car buying experience.

With launches on the Genesis website which you can access via your browser on a computer or tablet, and Instagram Stories, you're going to find a build your own mechanism which lets you fully view Genesis vehicles on the exterior and interior. You can really understand and get a feel for what it'd be like behind the wheel right from the screen, which always is appealing enough for people to learn more, especially after they see the technology and innovation at work.

Right now, the Genesis Virtual Showroom provides this features for the G70, while the G80 and G90 will be coming soon to give you a 3D experience online and on Instagram.

This tool is a good way to start the shopping process for a luxury vehicle and get an understand about Genesis. Once you've selected the features and finishes from the virtual showroom, you can have that sent to us at Genesis of Stamford, where we can match you with similar vehicles, and give you a hands-on feel with all our models to find the ideal fit. Contact us to learn more as we'd be happy to get started soon.

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