From the beginning of Genesis as a brand, the Genesis G80 has provided drivers with luxury, performance, and thrills behind the wheel. There's a reason why many in the area flock to see it from Norwalk, Greenwich, New Rochelle, White Plains and NYC here at Genesis of Stamford. It's a luxury sedan in the new age of luxury and modernity. Of course, we know that seeing is believing, and you can not only do that here, but also see how the G80 compares favorably to a rival like the Lexus GS.

When you view our in-depth Genesis G80 versus the Lexus GS comparison, you'll be able to learn all about the different advantages, but today, we're going to highlight a few. This includes across the board, more engine power from the Genesis G80 thanks to its standard V6 and V8 options, which produce more horsepower than the Lexus GS and its four-cylinder option. It's also able to do this while using regular unleaded gasoline, while the Lexus GS takes the more expensive premium.

Inside you're also going to find an abundance of features such as a 9.2-inch touch display along with standard head-up display, wireless phone charging and Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™ connectivity standard along with many safety features and better warranty coverage across the board at a lower price than the Lexus GS.

Based on that and much more, we believe the choice is clear and encourage you to come in and see it all for yourself. We'd be happy to provide you with all the details you need, answer any questions you might have and further inform you of the details that can be found on the Genesis G80 and its advantages over the competition.

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